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F. D. Taylor

                                                Winfield and Geuda Springs.
                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
Winfield Courier, August 2, 1877.
We are happy to meet Mr. F. D. Taylor, formerly of Boston, Massachusetts, who arrived in our city a few days since. He comes to Winfield with the intention of permanently locating and engaging in the dry goods and grocery business.
Winfield Courier, August 9, 1877.
While out hunting one day last week, Mr. F. D. Taylor was shot in the left hand by the accidental discharge of his shot gun.
There were no further entries relative to F. D. Taylor being in Winfield.
From Margaret Russell Stallard’s book, Remembering Geuda Springs, Page 20, came the following concerning the “Geuda Springs Town & Water Company.”
“In 1886 Mr. Mitchell organized his company, “The Geuda Springs Town and Water Company.
“2 December 1889 by Trust deed from the Geuda Springs Town and Water Company, a corporation of Kansas, by S. C. Gibbs, president, and Ed. P. Greer, treasurer, to Winfield Mortgage & Trust Company of Winfield, Kansas, for $75,000.00, the property of Mr. Mitchell, less the land including the East Geuda Springs, Townsite. This money used to secure payment of 150 bonds for $500.00 each. Thus Mr. Mitchell had established his business.
“12 May 1899. The Geuda Springs Town & Water Company, a corporation of Kansas, President S. C. Gibbs, Treasurer, Ed. P. Greer, to the Winfield Mortgage & Trust Company of Winfield a Trust Deed in the amount of $75,000.00 to secure 150 bonds for $500.00 each.
“12 July 1900. Full satisfaction was made to the Winfield Mortgage and Trust Company by The Geuda Springs Town and Water Company.
“12 July 1900. These funds were released by the Winfield Mortgage Company in full satisfaction.
“Mr. Mitchell sold to F. D. Taylor and his wife, Harriet Taylor, by warranty deed, all except that part in the plat of East Geuda Springs.”
Note: It is not known if the “F. D. Taylor” mentioned in July 12, 1900, item above by Stallard was the same F. D. Taylor who was in Winfield in 1877.

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