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I. H. Phenis

                                                        Windsor Township.
                                                         [He Raised Hogs.]


Arkansas City Republican, July 12, 1884.
Courier Clippings.
Mr. I. H. Phenis, of Windsor Township, was in the city Saturday and told us of a very strange disease which has killed sixty-five head of his hogs and is still preying on the flock. He at first supposed the disease to be cholera and treated the hogs accordingly, but could give them no relief. The hogs would begin to cough, become sluggish, and in about a week die. The symptoms were nearly the same as in cholera, but Mr. Phenis determined to investigate the matter. He held a postmortem over several of the victims and found all the interior organism apparently healthy excepting the lungs, which were decayed, feverish, and bloated. This fact convinces him that the disease is a lung fever, but he has as yet discovered no remedy. His loss is now about seven hundred dollars and he will pay a big reward for a cure. The disease has appeared only among the hogs of Mr. Phenis, and prompt action with a speedy cure may stop the plague entirely.


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