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McMullen Outline

Tuesday, December 28, 1999 -- Updated 7/3/2000

Outline for chapter(s) in History of Cowley County, Kansas, Book III
By Kathleen M. Janisse
**=lived in Cowley Co., KS

I.  The McMullen Family of Cowley County, Kansas 1870?-1890s

A.         **Patrick McMullen, patriarch
1.         Wife, **Ellen McGirl McMullen
a.  Children:
Matilda McMullen Kirley (of Iowa)
**Joseph Franklin
Mary McMullen Wood (of Colorado and ?)
**John Cornelius
Alexander (of Wisconsin)
**Helen McMullen Loomis Kinne
**Jane McMullen Harkins
B.         **Joseph Franklin McMullen, Attorney-at-law
1.         Wife, Mary Emery
a.  Children:
Anna Maria (Minnie)
1). Husband, **W.H. Colgate
Joseph Francis (Frank)
Edward John (John Edward)
1)  Wife, _______Gay, of St. Louis
1)   Husband, **B.W. Matlack, of Cowley County
(lived in Vancouver, WA /Portland/OR area)
(brother to **Stacy Matlack, general store merchandise/owner)
Augustus Montague
Robert G.
Samuel J. (Rough Rider with Teddy Roosevelt)
C.         **Colonel John Cornelius McMullen, Banker and Attorney-at-law
1.         Wife, Mary Elizabeth Loomis
a.  Children:
     1) Husband, Charley Jones (?of Cowley Co.?)
Charles Robert
Robert James
Mary Belle (Mamie)
2.         Parents-in-law, **I.C. and Harriet Loomis
D.         Helen McMullen Loomis Kinne
1.         Alonzo Loomis, first husband
a. Children: Howard Loomis
b. Step children:                                   
2.         E.P. (Ezra Prentis) Kinne, second husband
a.  Children:  Arthur and Edward P.
E.         Jane McMullen Harkins
1.         Dennis Harkins, husband
a.         Children: **John Cornelius Harkins
1) wife, **Emma Quier (of Burden, Cowley County,KS)
George Patrick Harkins
Harriet (Hattie) H. Harkins


Frederick Harkins
Jane E. Harkins (aka Edith Harkins)


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