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Moses Flinn Family

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The Sheridan township census of 1873 listed;
Flinn, Moses, age 54 and his wife Lucinda, 50
Flinn, Miss Mary A., age 23.

Kansas 1875 Census Sheridan Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
M. Flinn                 48  m   w   Indiana Missouri
S. Flinn             43  m   w   Indiana Missouri
W. A. Flinn            24  f    w   Indiana Missouri
Cle? Flinn               16  m   w   Indiana Missouri
J. B. Flinn               11  m   w   Indiana Missouri
M. O. Flinn              8  m   w   Indiana Missouri
T. H. Flinn          6  m   w   Indiana Missouri
R. E. Flinn        14  f    w   Indiana Missouri

The 1880 Sheridan township census of 1880 listed;
C. C. Flinn, age 22, and a female L. Flinn, age 47.

The 1882 Sheridan township census listed;
C.C. Flinn, age 24, and a female L. Flinn, age 49.

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