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D. S. Armstrong

                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
Winfield Courier, July 18, 1878.
The Normal Institute opened with the following teachers in attendance.
From Rock: Electa F. Strong, Albert Brookshire, D. S. Armstrong.
Winfield Courier, August 15, 1878.
Teachers’ Examination. Silverdale: Jennie Scott, Albert Brookshire, D. S. Armstrong.
Arkansas City Traveler, August 21, 1878.
ROCK P. O. Miss Electa F. Strong, J. F. Tarbet, W. H. Stewart, A. Brookshire, Simeon Martin, Joseph Bucher, D. S. Armstrong.
Winfield Courier, February 13, 1879.
D. S. Armstrong has closed the winter term of school in the Stalter district No. 23.
Winfield Courier, August 14, 1879.
In attendance: D. S. Armstrong.
D. S. Armstrong???...
Winfield Courier, December 23, 1880.
The meeting of teachers, Saturday, was well attended. Professor Trimble had charge of the class in algebra and physiol­ogy. Superintendent Story had the class in geometry. The exercises were in every way commendable. The opportunity of “going higher” in these studies will be improved by many of our teachers. The query is, why don’t all of them join in this work? Without question physiology will be added to the list of subjects for the examination of teachers, while algebra may become one of those necessary for a first grade certificate. Be this as it may, the teachers who have gone into this course of study and work will grow, while many who do not will get the dry rot. The recitation in primary reading, conducted by Miss Mary Bryant, gave the teachers a clear idea of the best method of beginning reading. The word, the phonic, the sentence, and the alphabet methods can be combined and followed with success. The debate on the compulsory educational law was conducted by Messrs. Hickok and Trimble. The fact was brought out that this law is occasion­ally the means of getting boys and girls into school who would otherwise be out all the time. The next meeting will be January 15, 1881.
Teachers present:  Messrs. Trimble, Gridley, Hickok, Corson, Hutchins, Thompson, Wilson, Beaumont, Armstrong, McKinley and Dickinson; Mrs. Will B. Caton, Misses Bryant, Klingman, Cook, Aldrich, Melville, Dickie, Freeland, Davis, Hunt, Bowman, Kelly, Rounds, Frederick, Dobyns, and McKinley. Several other teachers were in town, but were too busy to attend the meeting. The program for the January session will be review and multiplication in algebra, the first book in geometry, and circulation in physiology. Teachers take hold of this work now.


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