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Francis M. Vaughn

The Creswell Township census of 1873 lists F. M. Vaughn, age not given, and no wife listed.
The Creswell Township census of 1874 lists F. M. Vaughn, age 36, and his wife Mrs.  F.Vaughn, age 38.
Arkansas City Republican, September 6, 1884.
Could make out that they had an article on F. M. Vaughn entitled “A Jayhawker.”  Mr. Vaughn came to Kansas in the fall of 1870 and entered his present homestead. In those fourteen years Mr. Vaughn has accumulated a comfortable home, well improved farm, seed bearing peach trees, 80 acres of good corn, half section of grazing land in Chautauqua County, stocked with 80 head of cattle, 150 head of hogs, and 9 head of horses. This all is the profit of fourteen years of labor. His farm is worth $6,000. When he came to Cowley County, he had just 35 cents in his pocket. Mr. Vaughn also has a very neat bank account. The great grasshopper year was a serious drawback to Mr. Vaughn, and he almost despaired of augmenting his earthly riches, but he pulled through all the better from the rough year.
Arkansas City Traveler, July 4, 1883.
Mr. F. M. Vaughn, wife, and family, of east Creswell, left yesterday for Campton, Kentucky, to revisit the friends and scenes of the old home, and will probably be absent for several months.
The Cowley County Heritage book has a detailed story about F. M. Vaughn, which was submitted by a grand-daughter, Mary K. Quinn Maxwell.

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