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J. C. and R. H. Tucker, Brothers

Kansas 1875 Census, Winfield Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                           age sex color                   Place/birth              Where from
Royal Tucker                31  m     w                        Ohio                          Ohio
Mary Tucker                28    f      w                        New York                 Ohio
J. C. Tucker                 30  m     w                        Ohio                          Ohio
Louisa Tucker        27    f      w                        Tennessee              Missouri
Baby Tucker               1m    f      w                        Kansas
J. C. Tucker, 27. No spouse listed.
John C. Tucker, 29; spouse, Louisa C., 26.
Also listed (female): M. C. Tucker, 52.
J. C. Tucker, 30; spouse, L. C., 29.
Female only listed: Martha Tucker, 66.
Royal Tucker, 31; spouse, Mary, 27.
Royal H. Tucker, 32; spouse, Mary, 28.
H. Tucker, 38; spouse, M. E., 29.
                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
Cowley County Censor, May 13, 1871.
WAGON SHOP. We are now prepared to do all kinds of work in our line, such as BUILDING AND REPAIRING WAGONS, making Harrows, Plow Beams, etc., and at low figures.
                                         Shop on North Main Street, Winfield.
                                                     J. C. TUCKER & BRO.
Cowley County Censor, July 1, 1871.
                                                          WAGON SHOP.
                                              Shop on North Main St., Winfield.
                                                     J. C. TUCKER & BRO.
R. H. Tucker...
Winfield Courier, November 26, 1874.
of the open session of Winfield Grange, No. 865 P. of H., to be held at the Courthouse Thursday evening, Dec. 8th, 1874.
                                         COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS:
T. A. Wilkinson, J. F. Graham, R. H. Tucker, A. T. Stewart, N. C. McCulloch
R. H. Tucker...

Winfield Courier, December 24, 1874.
                                                             A Good Time.
The Winfield Grange held an open session last Monday night, but owing to the inclemency of the weather was not so well attended as it otherwise would have been. We were somewhat surprised that there were so few of the citizens of Winfield out to witness the delightful exercises of the occasion. The house was called to order by A. T. Stewart, the worthy master, who stated the object of the open session. Prayer was offered by the Chaplain, R. H. Tucker. An essay on “Fruit Growing in Kansas,” was read by N. C. McCulloch. A paper by Mrs. Wilkinson was then read; next an essay on the private debt of Cowley County, by Mr. Wilkinson, after which a short recess was in order. After recess a lecture was read by J. B. Evans of Vernon, after which several who did not belong to the grange were called out among whom was Col. E. C. Manning, who made a few remarks as to his preconceived notions of the grange and how he obtained them. Remarks were also made by A. S. Williams on the duty of the grange. Where there is so much to commend, we dare not make any distinction. All did well. The performance was interspersed with music both vocal and instrumental by the Winfield Glee Club, led by Prof. Wilkinson. Everybody, so far as we know, was well pleased with the whole affair.
R. H. Tucker...
Winfield Courier, March 25, 1875.
There will be a meeting of the stockholders of the Winfield Cemetery Association on Wednesday, March 31, 1875, at W. H. H. Maris’ store. All persons owning a lot in the Winfield Cemetery are stockholders, and entitled to vote at the meeting. A full attendance is requested. The following is a list of the said stockholders.
                                            JOHN B. FAIRBANKS, Secretary.
                                           One of the stockholders: R. H. Tucker.
R. H. Tucker...
Winfield Courier, December 30, 1875.
The newly elected officers of Winfield Grange are: J. H. Land, W. M.; R. H. Tucker, O.; Anna Wilkinson, L.; J. F. Graham, S.; W. R. Land, Chap.; Mary Bryant, Sec.; N. C. McCulloch, Treas.; Bertha J. Land, Ceres.; Perley Burger, Pom.; Alice Land, Flo.; Virginia Stewart, L. A. S.
R. H. Tucker...
Winfield Courier, September 14, 1876.
The following are the delegates to the Republican county convention for Winfield Township.
Delegates: J. D. Pryor, W. P. Hackney, J. S. Hunt, C. M. Wood, H. Brotherton, G. W. Robertson, Joel Mack, E. C. Seward, Geo. Youle, W. D. Roberts.
Alternates: W. C. Robinson, R. H. Tucker, J. H. Curfman, B. B. Vandeventer, John Park, C. A. Seward, Geo. Bull, Frank Hutton, J. L. M. Hill, A. B. Lemmon.
Looks like R. H. Tucker takes over business from brother, J. C. Tucker...
Winfield Courier, February 8, 1877.

                                                   HURRAH FOR TUCKER!
                              THE WINFIELD WAGON AND CARRIAGE SHOP
is doing the best business and best work in this line ever done in Cowley County.
                                                        Repairing a Specialty.
                                            SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.
                           Shop in connection with Kirk & Gordon’s Blacksmith Shop.
                                                           R. H. TUCKER.
Royal H. Tucker, Mary L. Tucker...
Arkansas City Traveler, May 9, 1877. Front Page.
                                              CIVIL DOCKET. FIFTH DAY.
                                            Royal H. Tucker vs. Mary L. Tucker.
Mr. R. H. Tucker...
Winfield Courier, June 14, 1877.
MARRIED...NOTICE TO COME NEXT WEEK. The printers’ hearts were gladdened yesterday afternoon upon receiving a liberal supply of wedding cake from Mr. R. H. Tucker. His marriage notice, which, as yet, we have not received, will appear next week.
Royal H. Tucker marries Mrs. Mary E. Brown of Sedgwick County...
Winfield Courier, July 12, 1877.
MARRIED. TUCKER - BROWN. Married at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. E. Boone, on the 10th of June, Mr. Royal H. Tucker, of Cowley County, to Mrs. Mary E. Brown, of Sedgwick County.
The wedding was a joyous affair, as all weddings at Mr. Boone’s are. It has been the privilege of the writer to join in marriage three daughters and one son of Mr. Boone’s in thirteen months. The turkey, oysters, and cake, and many other good things, as well as the enjoyable company and liberal fees have been highly enjoyed by the writer.
                                                         D. V. HAMILTON.
Winfield Courier, April 18, 1878.
Royal Tucker has built him a new house. By the way, he is one of the best wagon makers in the Great Southwest.
Winfield Courier, May 2, 1878.
                                                     Real Estate Transfers.
                       Royal H. Tucker to John Service, s e ½ of s w 13 32 4, 80 acres.
Winfield Courier, May 23, 1878.
LIGHTNING. There was a ball of lightning passed across block 107 in Winfield, near the ground, Wednesday, passing through James Kirk’s blacksmith shop. No one was hit, but it was a shocking affair. Mr. Kirk, a Mr. Cary, and several others were considerably shocked, and Mrs. Dixon was so stunned that she did not recover for an hour. Royal Tucker says: “It knocked the bottom out of my pocket.”



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