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                                    [Sometimes Name Appears as “Thomson.”]
                                                     VARIOUS FAMILIES.
Data taken from Volumes I and II, compiled by Alberta Rowe McChesny for the Cowley County Genealogical Society, Arkansas City, many years ago. Also from early census records and Arkansas City and Winfield directories. MAW
                                       ARKANSAS CITY DIRECTORY 1893.
[Note: Years ago Larry Rhodes gave me a xeroxed copy that he had made of the 1893 Directory. I am going to try and copy it for the sake of those who are interested in history. There were many ads that appeared in various forms. Many mistakes were made on the Directory. I have corrected items where I could. MAW]
STAR LIVERY BARN, (Frank Thompson, proprietor), w 5th ave.
Thompson, Ben F., painter, r 902 n 3rd st.
Thompson, Ben (col), lab’r, r 820 n 4th st.
Thompson, C. G., of Star Livery Barn, r 415 s 1st st.
THOMPSON, FRANK, proprietor, Star Livery Barn, r 415 s 1st st.
Thompson, Frank Lee, emp, A. C. Mfg. Co., r cor Madison ave. and F st.
Thompson, Harry, r 323 n 2nd st.
Thompson, Harry, carpenter, r 625 n B st.
Thompson, J. E., proprietor, restaurant, rms in Eagle block.
Thompson, J. K., clerk, Matlack Mercantile Co., r 323 n 2nd st.
Thompson, Miss Edith, r 625 n B st.
Thompson, Miss Malinda (col), r 820 n 4th st.
Thompson, Miss Sadie, student, r 902 n 3rd st.
Thompson, W. B., farmer, r 902 n 3rd st.
Thompson, A. D., blksmith, r 205 n D st.
Thompson, D. M., carpenter, r 625 n B st.
Thompson, M., Star Livery Barn, r 415 s 1st st.
Thompson, Tom, farmer, r 625 n B st.
                                                            Livery Stables.
THOMPSON, M., 119 west 5th avenue.

Thompson, A. D, 34. Spouse, Cath., 28.
Thompson, Benj., 45. Spouse, Lucy, 32.
Thompson, Bert, 58. Spouse, None.
Thompson, C. G., 51. Spouse, None.
Thompson, David, 30. Spouse, None.
Thompson, Frank, 30. Spouse, M., 23.
Thompson, Geo., 62. Spouse, N. J., 49.
Thompson, Isaac, 63. Spouse, Martha, 52.
Thompson, Joseph, 51. Spouse, Mary, 42.
Thompson, J. C., 27. Spouse, M. J., 23.

Thompson, J. K., 56. Spouse, Hattie, 22. [? Daughter perhaps.]
Thompson, J. M., 32. Spouse, None.
Thompson, W. B., 80. Spouse, Mary, 71. [Believe this was Wm. S. Thompson.]
Thompson, Will, 33. Spouse, None.
1873. Thompson, A. J., 28. Spouse, None.
1873. Thompson, H., 37. Spouse, C. L., 32.
1874. Thompson, A. J., 29. Spouse, None.
1874. Thompson, Harrison, 38. Spouse, C. L., 36.
1874. Thompson, Robert, 21. Spouse, None.
1878. Thompson, A. J., 34. Spouse, Phoebe D., 28.
1878. Thompson, David, 22. Spouse, None.
1878. Thompson, Eugene, 23. Spouse, None.
1878. Thompson, Robert, 28. Spouse, None.
1880. Thompson, W. M., 28. Spouse, Lizzie, 21.
1880. Thompson, W. M. E., 46. Spouse, Lucy A., 31.
Kansas 1875 Census, Winfield Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name    age  sex   color  Place/birth   Where from
C. J. Thompson 35   m   w   Ohio           Ohio
G. C. Thompson      28   m   w   Illinois         Illinois
Sarah Thompson      25   f     w   Illinois         Illinois
Francis J. Thompson      8    m   w   Kansas
Olly M. Thompson   3    m   w   Kansas
1873. Thompson, Lydia, age 66. [Head of household?/mother of R. A. Thompson?]
1873. Thomson, R. A., 37. Spouse, Thomson, Clarissa A., 30. [Should be Thompson.]
1874. Thompson, R. A., 37. Spouse, C. A., 34. [Appears that Lydia Thompson died.]
1876. Thompson, R. A., 40. Spouse, Clarrisa, 36. [Her first name spelled incorrectly.]
1876. Thompson, Wm. S., 32. Spouses, None.
1878. Thomson, R. A., 42. Spouse, Ann, 39.[Should be Thompson.]
1882. Thompson, C. F., 21. Spouse, None.
Kansas 1875 Census, Bolton Township, Cowley County 3/1/1875
Name                                       age  sex  color   Place/birth             Where from
R. A. Thompson                       39     m     w      Canada                    Canada
Clarissa Thompson                   35     f       w      Canada                    Canada
Carlos F. Thompson                 14     m     w      Canada                    Canada
Herbert A. Thompson               12     m     w      Canada                    Canada
Clarence E. Thompson             7      m     w      Canada                    Canada
Lydia H. Thompson                  67     f       w      Canada                    Canada
Wm. S. Thompson                   31     m     w      Canada                    Canada
1873. Thompson, Hinry, 52. Spouse, Margret, 40.

1875. Thompson, Henry, 50. Spouse, Margret, 46.
1877. Thompson, Henry, 52. Spouse, M., 40.
1878. Thompson, Henry, 52. Spouse, Margaret, 45.
Kansas 1875 Census Cedar Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                                        age  sex  color     Place/birth                 Where from
Henry Thompson                       59      m     w      Massachusetts           Missouri
Margret Thompson                     46      f      w      Ireland Missouri
Isaac Thompson                        15      m     w      Missouri                   Missouri
Daniel Thompson                       13      m     w      Missouri                   Missouri
Cathrine Thompson                    2       f      w      Missouri                   Missouri
1874. Thompson, David, 52. Spouse, None.
Kansas 1875 Census Creswell Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                                        age sex color   Place/birth Where from
David Thompson                        38      m     w      Canada                     Canada
L. F. Thompson                         37      f      w      Canada                     Illinois
R. D. Thompson                        68      m     w      Ireland Ohio
M. A. Thompson                        28      f      w      Penn.
R. J. Thompson                         34      m     w    
E. R. Thompson                         32      m     w      Canada
Sorena Thompson                      28      f      w      Canada
R. C. Thompson                        8/12   m     w      Kansas
1874. Thompson, Peter, 38. Spouse, Malisa, 29.
1882. Thompson, Peter, 48. Spouse, M. A., 38.
Kansas 1875 Census Dexter Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                                        age  sex  color     Place/birth                 Where from
Peter Thompson                         41      m     w      New Jersey               Missouri

Melissa A. Thompson                 31      f      w      Missouri                   Missouri
Geo. M. Thompson                    12      m     w      Illinois Missouri
Sarah H. Thompson                    10      f      w      Illinois Missouri
Dora O. Thompson                      8     f      w      Missouri                   Missouri
John E. Thompson                       6     m     w      Missouri                   Missouri
Elvira Thompson                          2     f      w      Kansas
1882. Thompson, W. F., 26. Spouse, Addie, 27. [P. O. Address Little Dutch.]
1878. Thonson, Dr. S., 45. Spouse, None. [P. O. Address, Tisdale.] [Thompson correct.]
1878. Thompson, Alax, 49. Spouse, M. K., 46. [P. O. Address Winfield.]
1878. Thompson, John, 75. Spouse, Jennette, 76. [P. O. Address Winfield.]
1878. Thompson, Geo., 46. Spouse, None. [P. O. Address Winfield.]
1878. Thompson, Gilbert, 40. Daughter: Miss Kate, 29. [P. O. Address Winfield.]
1881 all messed up! Shows Thomson, George, 43; J. E., 21; Gilbert, 45; A. J., 53.
1882. Thompson, A., 52. Spouse, None.
1882. Thompson, J. E., 23. Spouse, Hester, 19.
1874. Thompson, Addison, 19. [Mother? Adeline Thompson, 54.]
1874. Thompson, Sherman, 14. [Sister? Estella Thompson, 20.]
1880. Thomson, W., 22. Spouse, None. [Thomson probably correct!]
1882. Thompson, Addison, 26. Spouse, Ida, 24.
1882. Thompson, Robert, 31. Spouse, Hattie, 24.
Kansas 1875 Census Ninnescah Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                                        age  sex  color     Place/birth                 Where from
Adaline Thompson                      65      f      w      New York                 Wisconsin
Estella Thompson                       21      f      w      Wisconsin                 Wisconsin
Addison Thompson                    19      m     w      Wisconsin                 Wisconsin
Sherman Thompson                   15      m     w      Wisconsin                 Wisconsin
                      [Does not appear as if Thompson families were here in early days.]
                                 Note: Both Thomson and Thompson are shown.
1872. Thomson, A., 43. [Females: Mrs. A. Thomson, 40; Miss Catherine Thomson, 23; Mrs. John Thomson, 70.]
1872. Thomson, Samuel, 39. Spouse, None.
1875. Thompson, R. S., 43. Spouse, C. E., 37.
1876. Thompson, R. S., 44. Spouse, C. E., 39.
1880. Thompson, A. F., 22. [P. O. Box address Baltimore.]
1880. Thompson, R. S., 48. Spouse, C. E., 42. [P. O. Box address Baltimore.]
1882. Thomson, R. S., 50. Spouse, C. E., 44. [Should be Thompson?] P. O. Baltimore.
Kansas 1875 Census Omnia Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                                        age  sex  color     Place/birth                 Where from
R. S. Thompson                         43      m     w      Ohio                         Iowa
C. E. Thompson                         37      f      w      Arkansas                   Iowa
A. Thompson                             17      m     w      California                  Iowa

G. F. Thompson                        14      m     w      California                  Iowa
W. O. Thompson                       12      m     w      California                  Iowa
H. R. Thompson                        10      f      w      California                  Iowa
E. J. Thompson                         7       f      w      California                  Iowa
C. H. Thompson                        4       m     w      California                  Iowa
J. S. Thompson                         1m     m     w      Kansas
1873. Thompson, Lars, age not given. Spouse, Martha, age not given.
1873. Thompson, Thomas, age not given. Spouse, None listed.
1874. Thompson, Lars, 68. Spouse, 57. [P. O. Clover Dale.]
1874. Thompson, R. S., 40. Spouse, 28. [P. O. Cedar Vale.]
1874. Thompson, S. M., 28. Spouse, 21. [P. O. Clover Dale.]
1874. Thompson, T. L., 32. Spouse, 26. [P. O. Cedar Vale.]
                                      Names of Spouses not given above or below.
1880. Thompson, Lars, 48. Spouse, 45. [P. O. Clover Dale.]
1880. Thompson, S. M., 26. Spouse, 20. [P. O. Clover Dale.]
1880. Thompson, T. L., 28. Spouse, 23. [P. O. Clover Dale.]
1882. Thompson, Lars, 65. Spouse, 64. [ P. O. Clover Dale.]
1882. Thompson, Richard, 37. Spouse, 27. [P. O. Cedar Vale.]
1882. Thompson, S. M., 27. Spouse, 20. [P. O. Cedar Vale.]
1882. Thompson, T. L., 31, Spouse 25. [P. O.  Cedar Vale.]
Kansas 1875 Census Otter Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                                        age  sex  color     Place/birth                 Where from
L. Thompson                             65      m     w      Norway                    Illinois
Maggie Thompson                      63      f      w      Norway                    Illinois
T. L. Thompson                         24      m     w      Norway                    Illinois
S. M. Thompson                        21      m     w      Norway                    Illinois
M. Thompson                            18      f      w      Norway                    Illinois
B. F. Thompson                         30      m     w      Indiana                     Missouri
Elizabeth Thompson                   31      f      w      Indiana                     Missouri
N. L. Thompson                          4     f      w      Indiana                     Missouri
S. T. Thompson                           2     f      w      Indiana                     Missouri
1874. Thompson, Frank, 21. Mother, Margaret, 52.
1872. Thompson, J. R., 32. Spouse, M. E., 32.
1874. Thomson, J. R., 33. Spouse, Elizabeth, 32. [Should be Thompson.]
1881. Thompson, John R., 44. Spouse, Mary E., 43.
Kansas 1875 Census Richland Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                                        age  sex  color      Place/birth            Where from
Margaret Thompson                   55       f      w      Ohio                    Indiana
John Thompson                         19       m     w      Ohio                    Indiana
J. R. Thompson                         33       m     w      Pennsylvania         Illinois
Elizabeth Thompson                   32       f      w      Pennsylvania         Illinois
Leonard L. Thompson                9         m     w      Illinois                  Illinois
Kirk Thompson                          8         m     w      Illinois                  Illinois

Samuel Thompson                      5         m     w      Illinois                  Illinois
1873. Thomson, Victor, 24. [Thompson?]
1874. Thompson, W., 24.
1874. Thompson, Henry, 25.
1875. Thompson, Wm., 59. Spouse, Lydia, 56.
1882. Thompson, Quenton, 65. Spouse, Lidia, 63.
1882. Thompson, Wm., 66. Daughters? Charlotte, 28, Mattie, 22.
1873. Thompson, N. J., 39. Spouse, Annie, 36.
1874. Thompson, N. J., 40. Spouse, Nanna, 35.
1874. Thompson, N. J., 43. Spouse, Annie, 30.
                 [There was some confusion noted by Compiler on above last two entries.]
1878. Thompson, N. J., 44. Spouse, Anna, 42. [P. O. Address: Moscow.]
1879. Thompson, N. J., 45. Spouse, Anna, 38. [P. O. Address: Winfield.]
1880. Thompson, N. J., 46. Spouse, Anna, 43.
1881. Tompson, N. J., 47. Spouse, Anna, 44. [Note: Should be Thompson.]
Kansas 1875 Census, Silver Creek Township, Cowley County, 3/1/1875.
Name                                        age  sex  color      Place/birth            Where from
N. J. Thompson                         40       m     w      Kentucky              Missouri
Anna Thompson                         34       f      w            ?                    Wisconsin
1874. Thompson, T. H., 52. [Spouses were not listed.]
1878. Thompson, T. H., 44. Spouse, Margaret. [P. O. Address: Silverdale.]
1878. Thompson, T. H., 45. Spouse, Margaret, age not given. [P. O. Box: Silverdale.]
                 [There was some confusion noted by Compiler on above last two entries.]
Kansas 1875 Census, Silverdale Township, Cowley County, 3/1/1875.
Name                                        age  sex  color      Place/birth            Where from
T. H. Thompson                        52       m     w      North Car.            Missouri
M. A. Thompson                        27       f      w      Missouri Missouri
H. Thompson                             14       m     w      Missouri Missouri
E. Thompson                             12       f      w      Missouri Missouri
M. (?) Thompson                         9       f      w      Missouri Missouri
R. F.? Thompson                         9       m     w      Missouri Missouri
J. A. Thompson                           6       m     w      Missouri Missouri
E. M. Thompson                          5       f      w      Missouri Missouri
UNNAMED                               9m      f      w      Kansas
1876. Thomsen, Dr. [Thompson?]
1876. Thompson, B.
1874. Thompson, John, 42. Spouse, Nancy J., 38.
1874. Thompson, T., 40. Spouse, Ellen, 30.
Kansas 1875 Census, Vernon Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.

Name                                        age      sex      color            Place/birth           Where from
Thos. Thompson                        40       m     w      Pennsylvania         Missouri
Ella Thompson                           30       f      w      Missouri Missouri
Floyd Thompson                          9       m     w      Missouri Missouri
Lizzie Thompson                          7       f      w      Missouri Missouri
1881. Thompson, Henry, 54. Spouse, None listed.
1882. Thompson, A. J., 36. Spouse, Phoebe, 32.
1882. Thompson, George, 45. Spouse, None listed.
1882. Thomson, Henry, 58. Spouse, Mary, 39. [Could this be Thompson?]
1882. Thomson, Isaac F., 21. [Thomson probably correct.]


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