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Philip Teter Family

                                                         Beaver Township.

Winfield Courier, September 27, 1883.
                                                           The Teter Family.
The following is a list of the names of the family of Mr. Philip Teter of Beaver Township in Cowley County, Kansas, all living within a radius of two and a half miles. They are all of well to do, money making, farmer families, intelligent and highly esteemed citizens, all Re-publicans and prohibitionists. We enter this family for competition for the COURIER prize.
Philip Teter.
Margaret Teter, his wife.
Philip M. Teter, son of the above.
George H. Teter, son of the above.
Moses S. Teter, son of the above.
Wm. H. H. Teter, son of the above.
Mrs. Mary A. Browning, daughter of the above.
Mrs. Phebe J. Vandeveer, daughter of the above.
Mrs. Martha J. Teter, wife of Geo. H.
Children of Geo. H. Teter.
Maggie Teter.
Alma Teter.
Ollie Teter.
Otho Teter.
Ada Teter.
Walter Teter.
Frank Teter.
Children of John W. Browning, husband of Mary A. (Teter) Browning.
Clara Browning.
Jessie Browning.
Robert W. Broning.
Mollie Browning.
Jennie Browning.
Joan Omer Browning.
Children of Moses S. and Margaret J. Teter.
Philip Sheridan Teter.
Luelia Teter.
Mollie Teter.
James W. Teter.
William A. Teter.
Children of Wm. H. H. and Ella Teter.
Geo. M. Teter.
Carrie Teter.
John P. Teter.

Evart Teter.
Joseph R. Teter.
Children of John L. Vandeveer, husband of Phebe J. (Teter) Vandeveer.
Philip C. Vandeveer.
Maud Ella Vandeveer.


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