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H. M. Strickland

                                                        Sheridan Township.
                                                           [Raised Sheep.]
Kansas 1875 Census Sheridan Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                           age sex color                Place/birth        Where from
Alfred Strickland          50  m     w                  Pennsylvania           Pennsylvania
H. S. Strickland            45    f      w                  Pennsylvania           Pennsylvania
S. C. Strickland            18    f      w                  Pennsylvania           Pennsylvania
C. J. Strickland       15  m     w                  Pennsylvania           Pennsylvania
A. N. Strickland           13  m     w                  Pennsylvania           Pennsylvania
M. A. Strickland           10    f      w                  Pennsylvania           Pennsylvania
A. Strickland                  2  m     w                  Pennsylvania           Pennsylvania
Sheridan Township 1880: A. Strickland, 55. No spouse listed.
Sheridan Township 1880: A. Strickland, 21. No spouse listed.
Sheridan Township 1882: A. Strickland, 57. No spouse listed.
Sheridan Township 1882: A. N. Strickland, 23. No spouse listed.
Note: This has been a most puzzling file to work on. Sheridan Township was barely covered by the area newspapers and the few entries that were found pertaining to members of the Strickland family in Sheridan Township were rare.
                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
Unknown: If the Al Strickland mentioned in next item was A. N. Strickland...
Winfield Courier, March 23, 1882.
Anson Moore came very near getting killed at Dexter the other night. He and Al Strickland had some little difficulty, and Al hit him just over the eye with a sling shot.
H. M. Strickland...
Winfield Courier, Thursday, January 29, 1885.
The Burden Eagle says that seventeen sheep, belonging to H. M. Strickland, of Sheridan township, froze to death during last week’s snow storm, and as many more were left in a condition to die. This is the first loss we have heard of in Cowley, among any kind of stock. Our stock men are learning that straw sheds are much less expensive than frozen animals.
Alfred M. Strickland...
                Bar Docket for the April Term of the Cowley County District Court,
                                                 Convening Tuesday, the 6th.
Winfield Courier, Thursday, April 8, 1886.
159. 2320. Alfred M Strickland vs A Henthorn et al, Jennings & Troup for plaintiff.


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