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Lilburn Smith

                                                         Harvey Township.
                                                          [Handled Sheep.]

Kansas 1875 Census Harvey Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                           age sex color   Place/birth    Where from
L. L. Smith             51    m    w       Tennessee              Missouri
Elizabeth Smith       47     f     w            Alabama                 Missouri
Levi Smith              20    m    w       Tennessee              Missouri
William Smith         16    m    w       Arkansas                Missouri
Benjamin Smith       15    m    w       Arkansas                Missouri
Thomas Smith         13    m    w       Arkansas                Missouri
Tabitha Smith               13     f     w            Arkansas                Missouri
Harvey Township 1875: L. L. Smith, 51; spouse, Elizabeth, 47.
                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
Winfield Courier, February 18, 1875.
Some of our neighboring townships have taken steps to send east, agents, to petition for aid. Mr. Daniel Miles will go in behalf of Silver Creek Township, while L. L. Smith, D. D., aided by Mr. Beach, goes in behalf of Harvey.
Winfield Courier, October 26, 1876.
Parties from Missouri have rented ground of Lilburn Smith to accommodate a thousand head of sheep this winter.
Winfield Courier, January 10, 1878.
Grouse Creek turned loose on Winfield, Monday last, Lilburn Smith, James Lee, Robert Armstrong, Mr. Parks, Dr. Chapman, ’Squire John Clover, and His Honor, R. F. Burden, being among the number.
Winfield Courier, May 16, 1878.
Some three weeks ago Mr. Lilburn Smith, of Harvey Township, accidentally cut his left hand with a knife, the blade cutting the arch of the arteries, cutting it to the palm of the hand. The bleeding was stopped at the time and it was supposed that the cut had healed. On Wednesday night, however, the wound began to bleed, compelling Mr. Smith to come to Winfield for treatment. On Friday, in Dr. Emerson’s office, Dr. Mendenhall, assisted by Drs. Black and Mansfield, opened the forearm in two places taking out the arteries and tying them. The operation was a severe and a delicate one. At this time the patient seems as well as could be expected. He is at A. A. Jackson’s.
Note: It appears that Lilburn Smith died shortly after surgery.


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