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Frank Schofield

Spring Creek Township 1882: Frank Schofield, 23.
[Unknown what Frank’s relationship was to James Schofield. In 1881 the following were listed as living in Spring Creek Township: N. M. Schofield, 63; spouse, Lydia M., 45. Also James Schofield, 36; spouse Mary E., 30.]
Winfield Directory 1885.
Coil Geo, works Keck’s stable, 802 Main, res same.
Keck J M, livery stable, 802 Main, res 1103 Millington.
Lobdell James, works Keck’s barn, res 511 Main.
Schofield Frank, works Keck’s stable, res 113 w 10th.
                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
Winfield Courier, February 15, 1883.
SPRING CREEK: Geo. Easton, trustee; Robt. Haines, clerk; Albert Gritkey, treasurer; Samuel Thompson, J. P.; Robt. Shinn and Frank Schofield, constables.
R. W. Keck, brother of John M. Keck, joined with Cox and Frank Schofield on a trip to Texas...
Winfield Courier, April 26, 1883.
Ben Cox, Frank Schofield, and R. W. Keck started Monday for Texas. They go overland, with guns, dogs, and “grub boxes” well filled and expect to have a good time whether they make fortunes or not.
Winfield Courier, Thursday, June 11, 1885.
The fat and jolly John Keck, having become a bloated bond and lucre holder, has retired to walks of leisure. He sold his entire livery stable stock Friday to Frank Schofield and George Applegate, who have been connected with the barn for some time. The new firm will be Schofield & Applegate. Both are young men of much vim and business tact and will succeed. Mr. Keck, of course, will continue to live here and invest in Winfield property, sandwiching in a speculation occasionally in the western counties. He retains the livery building.
Winfield Courier, Thursday, October 22, 1885.
John Keck, Berry Scroggins, Frank Schofield, and Milt Hite returned from a big hunt in the Territory. They report a fine trip and lots of fun.
Winfield Courier, Thursday, November 26, 1885.
G. O. Applegate has sold his interest in the livery business to his partner, Frank Schofield. Mr. Applegate will remain with us.
Next article refers to “old Schofield livery barn.” It probably should have stated “old Keck livery barn” inasmuch as John M. Keck was the owner of barn.
Barn removed to old foundry business, where Frank Schofield is supposed to continue his livery business. A. H. Doane to erect a business house in the place of the lot used for livery barn...
Winfield Courier, Thursday, March 4, 1886.

The old Schofield livery barn, one of the oldest and homeliest landmarks in Winfield, will soon be moved on north Main next to the old foundry building, where Frank Schofield will continue his livery business. A. H. Doane will erect a handsome business house in its place. And still we boom. The old shells will all be banished from Main street before 1886 goes out.


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