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William Coburn Robinson, Sr.

Note: W. C. Robinson was a brother of Mart. I am putting him in the Winfield file even though he later ran a bank in Arkansas City. MAW]
Mr. W. C. Robinson was born at Springfield, Ohio, August 27, 1847, and his public school education was supplemented by his attending the Illinois State Normal School in the city of Bloomington, and in that state he continued his residence until September 10, 1871, when he came to Kansas and associated himself with the banking business. In 1874, he moved to Winfield and associated with his uncle, M. L. Read, in Read’s Bank.
June 14, 1884, Read’s Bank became the First National Bank of Winfield. The officers were: M. L. Read, President; M. L. Robinson, Vice President; W. C. Robinson, Cashier; and George W. Robinson, Asst. Cashier.
In the city of Chicago, on the 5th of March, 1890, he married Miss Annie Martin of Jacksonville, Illinois. She was born June 10, 1964. She died March 30, 1919, and was survived by her husband and two children, Marie Louise, and William Coburn, Jr.
He eventually became the president of the First National Bank, where he continued his connection for 50 years. In 1922 he disposed of his stock.
In February 1923 William C. Robinson, Sr., purchased the controlling interest in the Security National Bank of Arkansas City, where he became president; and his son, W. C. Robinson, Jr., became vice president.
Mary Louise Robinson was born at Winfield, where she received her early education, and later she was graduated from the National Cathedral School maintained in the city of Washing­ton under the auspices of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Thereafter she passed two and one-half years as a student in the city of Paris, France. In 1921 she became the wife of Alfred J. Diescher, who was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and who came to Kansas about the year 1910. Mr. Diescher eventually organized the Emerald Oil Company with himself as president. The company's operations being in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Diescher maintained their home at Winfield, Kansas.
William C. Robinson, Jr., was born at Winfield, Kansas, November 7, 1897. He attended Southwestern College. He was a student in historic old Amherst College at the time when the nation entered the World War, in 1917, and he forthwith responded to the call of patriotism by enlisting for service in the United States Army. At Fort Riley, Kansas, he received a commission as second lieutenant, and on the 2nd of August, 1917, sailed with his command for the stage of conflict, as a member of the first contingent of the American Expeditionary forces in France. He won promotion to the rank of first lieutenant, and with the Three Hundred Thirty-ninth Infantry was sent to Russia as a machine-gun officer. He continued in service in Russia until June 5, 1919, and he returned to his home in Kansas July 19, 1919. After receiving his discharge, he returned to Winfield and held a position in the First National Bank until his father sold his stock in the institution in 1922. Thereafter, he served one year as assistant national bank examiner. He resigned to assume the position of vice president of the Security National Bank of Arkansas City.

On June 24, 1922, W. C. Robinson, Jr., married Miss Ailsa Craig, of Osage City, Kansas. They had three children: Anna, who was born September 25, 1923; William Coburn the third, born December 1, 1924; and Alan Craig, born July 28, 1927. Mrs. W. C. Robinson, Jr. taught in the public schools in Winfield. She enlisted for service as a nurse with the United States Army, and as such she was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, where she received her discharge after the close of the war. Both Mr. and Mrs. Robinson were members of Shelton Beaty Post number 18 in Arkansas City.
The above is from “History of Kansas State and People,” published by W. E. Connelley in 1928. Vol 4, pages 1718 and 1719.
See the book “Footprints” by W. C. Robinson for more information on Winfield.
[Note: R. K. W. gathered the above information on W. C. Robinson, Sr., and W. C. Robinson, Jr. The Winfield Public Library has vertical files. Among them is a book that W. C. Robinson authored. I believe this might be the book R. K. W. refers to as “Footprints.” MAW February 19, 2001.]


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