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David Roberts

                                                   North Richland Township.
Winfield Courier, November 1, 1877.
                                    RICHLAND TOWNSHIP NOMINATIONS.
The republicans of Richland Township met in convention Oct. 27th, with D. C. Stevens, chairman, and S. W. Phoenix, secretary, when the following nominations were made.
Road supervisors: District 1, F. Dickens; District 2, C. Stevens; District 3, J. H. Edwards; District 4, David Roberts.
Winfield Courier, May 2, 1878. Front Page.
David Roberts has just moved into his stone house. He has as good a wall I think as there is in the county for a dry wall. It was laid by the Dunbar Brothers.
Winfield Courier, June 10, 1880.
On Decoration Day our soldiers were not forgotten in North Richland. After the Sunday-schools were over, the citizens gathered to the number of one hundred and fifty or seventy-five at the graveyard near Polo, and under the arrangement of H. H. Hooker and T. R. Shannon and other ex-soldiers, a procession was formed and marched until they formed a circle with the singers in the center. Then an appropriate song was sung, followed by prayer by Mr. David Roberts, another song, and then a short address by William C. McCormick to the soldiers and citizens on the objects of this day being set apart and called Decoration Day. Then the procession, headed by the ex-soldiers, marched past all the soldiers’ graves; and the graves of the soldiers’ widows that have died since the war, were not neglected. All were strewn with flowers, and wreaths of evergreens and flowers covered the tombstones of all. These Decoration days are good. They bright­en our memories of the great sacrifice the soldiers made to save our country from mad rebellion.
Winfield Courier, Thursday, October 6, 1881 - FRONT PAGE.
Below will be found the proceedings of township meetings, organizations, and muster rolls as far as heard from. The last week before the reunion we will publish the muster rolls
Special meeting called by Vice President Maher. Mr. Stuber was nominated and elected to the chair. Officers elected as follows.
                                                 Second Corporal: D. Roberts.
                                 DAVID ROBERTS, CO. K, 12 KAS., PRIVATE.
Winfield Courier, October 6, 1881.

EDS. COURIER: The old soldiers of Walnut township met at Island Park Sept. 24th, and organized by electing H. W. Stubblefield, Captain; Silich Cure, 1st Lieutenant; D. C. Roberts, 2nd Lieutenant; S. E. Burger, orderly sergeant; and T. A. Blanchard, D. W. Ferguson, B. E. Murphy, Lewis Myers, G. W. Porter, Sergeants. The propriety of organizing as cavalry or infantry was decided to drill as infantry, and appointed Oct. 8th and 15th at Island Park as the time and place of drill. All soldiers were requested to attend the drills, so that at the reunion the company would be enabled to make a fair show of proficiency.
The orderly has been instructed to make a complete muster roll of soldiers giving name, rank, company, regiment, state, and arm of service to which they belonged, and to enable him to do this all are requested to hand their names to him or leave the same at the COURIER office prior to the 8th of October.
Winfield Courier, February 21, 1884.
                     Office of the County Clerk, Winfield, Kansas, February 12th, 1884.
BOARD met in regular session agreeable to adjournment of January 16, 1884. Present: S. C. Smith (Chairman), Amos Walton, Commissioner, County Attorney, and J. S. Hunt, County Clerk.
Among other proceedings the following claims were allowed the Judges and Clerks of the February 5th 1884 election...paid from $2.00 to $6.00.
                                            RICHLAND NORTH TOWNSHIP.
Judges: David Roberts, T. R. Shannon, A. B. Kennedy.
Clerks: Chas. BAINE, H. H. Hooker.
                                                 WILMOT WAIFS. “T. R. C.”
Winfield Courier, Thursday, August 20, 1885.
Mr. David Roberts, we understand, has purchased the Coon quarter of land adjoining his farm, which will be a splendid addition to his already improved farm; also, that F. B. Moery has purchased the Shannon quarter, 8 miles northwest of town.
The town of Wilmot is located about 13 miles northeast of Winfield, on the line of the K. C. & S. W. R. R., in one of the most prosperous and enterprising neighborhoods in the county. The sound of the hammer is heard and the streets present a busy appearance.


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