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George W. Reilly

NOTE: The name of Reilly was not spelled correctly in items relative to Geuda Springs. Will try to correct this where needed. MAW
                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
Cowley County Courant, April 20, 1882.
Typo sends us the following items from Geuda Springs, which will no doubt be of interest to most of our readers.
“The springs have taken a new boom within the past ten days, houses are springing up in every direction. Two new, two-story, boarding houses, and a number of residences have been commenced this week. The Chicago Lumber Co. have opened a yard here, and have built a neat office. Messrs. Hubbell and Riley [Reilly] of Caldwell have just identified themselves with the new town. Mr. Riley [Reilly] bought the Ward place (ten acres) between the old and new town, on Tuesday, for $1,000. They let the contract for a business house opposite the springs, and have obligated themselves to build a two-story stone or brick house this summer. We have now five boarding houses, all two-story but one, but the need of a larger hotel is felt more and more every day. Why is it that some man with money does not see this chance for a splendid investment? Some two or three hundred visitors were at the springs Sunday, and the number will increase every week from this time. We have now three groceries, two dry-goods, and two drug houses, and nearly fifty dwellings built and contracted for. Dr. Perry is just finishing the last of his ten cottages, he will furnish them all. Mr. McCarty of Wellington is building a small hotel, and quite a number of strangers are here looking out for a chance to invest.”
Arkansas City Traveler, April 26, 1882.
Geo. W. Riley [Reilly], of Caldwell, is building a good business house, which will be occupied as a store by Mr. Hubbell, formerly of Caldwell. Riley [Reilly] has also bought the O. J. Ward ten acres at $80 per acre.
[NOTE: Could not find any information relative to O. J. Ward. He must have been a citizen of Sumner County. MAW]
Caldwell Commercial, Thursday, September 7, 1882.
East Side Main St., Nearly Opposite Savings Bank, CALDWELL, KANSAS.
Caldwell Commercial, Thursday, September 7, 1882.
AD. J. E. NEAL, President. T. R. NEAL, Cashier. S. P. G. LEWIS, Vice President. GEO. W. REILLY, Secretary.
CAPITAL STOCK, $100,000.
Do a General Banking Business.
DIRECTORS: Wm. Corzine, C. H. Manning, H. W. Timberlake, Geo. W. Reilly, A. M. Colson, J. E. Neal, S. P. G. Lewis, I. N. Cooper, S. S. Richmond. [HARD TO READ.]
Drafts Issued on all the Principal Cities of the United States and Europe.

Caldwell Commercial, Thursday, January 11, 1883.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Caldwell Savings Bank, held January 1, 1883, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: S. P. G. Lewis, President; Wm. E. Malaley, Vice-President; T. E. Neal, Cashier; C. J. Neal, Assistant Cashier; and G. W. Reilly, Secretary. Directors: T. E. Neal, A. M. Colson, I. N. Cooper, W. E. Malaley, S. P. G. Lewis, W. E. Campbell, Wm. Corzine, C. H. Manning, and Geo. W. Reilly.
Caldwell Commercial, Thursday, May 3, 1883.
Mr. A. H. Todd, for a long time connected with H. C. Keeling’s trading store at Cantonment, arrived on Monday, and will take part in opening up the Keeling outfitting store in the Reilly block. Mr. Todd is a pleasant gentleman whom our people will take to on better acquaintance.
Caldwell Journal, September 27, 1883.
The Catholics of this city have fitted up a room in the upper story of Reilly’s block for a chapel, and Father Dugan celebrated mass in it last Sunday morning.


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