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Looking for a cattleman by the name of Potter...
I was unable to ascertain whether or not Jerry Potter, of Silverdale Township, was a cattleman in Indian Territory. However, in working on “Potter” file, it became apparent that he was the logical one. MAW

Potter, J., 38. No spouse listed.
Kansas 1875 Census, Silverdale Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                     age sex color    Place/birth          Where from
J. Potter                 46  m     w      Tennessee                    Illinois
[L or K] J. Potter   43  f       w      Tennessee                    Illinois
G. Potter                15  m      w      Kentucky                     Illinois
M. Potter               12  m      w      Kentucky                     Illinois
J. Potter                 10  f       w      Illinois                     Illinois
John Potter         6  m      w      Illinois                     Illinois
Potter, Jerry, 42; spouse, Mrs. Potter. Post Office address: Silver Dale.
                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
Potter, on Red Rock. First name or initials not given...
Arkansas City Traveler, May 26, 1880.
                                            CATTLE IN THE TERRITORY.
The Caldwell Post states that there are 40,000 head of cattle west of the Chisholm trail in the Indian Territory. The following herds, held east of the trail, south and west of Arkansas City, will swell the number to 60,000.
Cocanut, on the trail: 2,575 [?L. M. Kokernut]
Gilch & Wait: 300
Burress, on Salt Fork: 300
Capt. Nipp, on Shawascaspa: 150
Kincaid, on Thompson creek: 600
Bates & Beal, on Thompson creek: 2,000
Gatliff & Dixon, on Bitter creek: 200
Jas. Hamilton & Co., Pond creek: 3,000
Jas. Estus, on Red Rock: 200
Potter, on Red Rock: 300
Badley, on Red Rock: 160
Dean Bros., on Bear creek: 600
Wiley & Libby, on Bear creek: 400
Musgrove, on Polecat: 600
Malalla, on Pond creek: 2,900
Richmond, on Shawascaspa: 600
Riney, on Inman creek: 400
Manning, on Thompson creek: 600

Dunn & Co., on Deer creek: 700
Cloverdale & Stafford, on Bodoc: 300
R. A. Houghton, on Bodoc: 150
In addition to these there are a number along the State line, and several herds in the Nation, the number of which we did not learn.
Potter (Red Rock creek): first name or initials not given...
Winfield Courier, May 5, 1881.
Cowley County stock men are largely represented on Red Rock and Black Bear creeks in the Territory. Among the number are: Wiley, Eaton, Potter, Estus, Libby, and Warren; while in other parts of the Territory are Houghton, Henderson, Nipp, Walker Bros., Berry Bros., Dean Bros., Shriver, and others.
Arkansas City Traveler, May 11, 1881.
The keeping of stock in the Indian Territory has, of late years, assumed quite considerable importance as a business, many of our best citizens being engaged therein. Among the Cowley County men now holding stock in the Territory, we may mention the following: On Red Rock and Black Bear creeks are Messrs. Eaton, Potter, Estus, Libby, Wiley, and Warren; while in other parts of the Territory are Houghton, Henderson, Nipp, Walker Bros., Berry Bros., Dean Bros., Shriver, and others.


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