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Ivan Pfalser Letter


1400 North Third Street
Arkansas City, Kansas   67005
October 25, 2003

Mr. Ivan Pfalser
RR 1, Box 162
Caney, KS   67333

Dear Ivan,
I did not forget you. I have just been busy. My hard drive was replaced by my son and I have been busy doing items over that came up missing before I did a back-up disc.
Finally bid my son a fond farewell as he journeyed one week ago to Green Bay, Wisconsin, via his old pickup to become a truck driver. I was awakened early on Sunday by a phone call from him. He hit a steep incline rather than a herd of deer in Missouri and broke a drive shaft and later had to have an alignment made. He finally made it and complains only of the cold weather in Wisconsin.
Today the big parade will take place as Arkalalah is going on. I heard a lot of activity last evening from police cars and fire engines. Figure that I will not be bothered by company on such a busy day and am putting in valuable computer time as a result.
I looked up the item in a book I had concerning the rock and am also including an item from way back when concerning the natural bridge. Hope this helps you in determining whether or not Buffalo Bill was here at one time in Cowley County.
Best regards,


Mary Ann Wortman
Phone: (620) 442-0333


Cowley County Historical Society Museum