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James McGuire

McGuire, Nancy, r. T. A. Wilkinson.
Winfield Courier, March 30, 1876.
JAMES McGUIRE, of Wyocena, Wisconsin, arrived last Saturday. He was attracted to this county through the flattering letters of his nephew, Prof. T. A. Wilkinson. His occupation is stone cutting and general masonry work. He is accompanied by his family and mother, Mrs. Nancy McGuire, an aged lady who has seen the frosts of ninety-eight winters. She is almost a centenarian. Her brother, two years older, will attend the Centennial as a relic of 1776. Mrs. McGuire is as “smart as a cricket.” She can ascend a flight of stairs as sprightly as though she’d been born in the 19th century, and bids fair to live to a green old age yet.
Winfield Courier, January 11, 1877.
MRS. NANCY McGUIRE, grandmother of T. A. Wilkinson, is living in Bolton Township, aged 99 years. She is hale and hearty and does her own housework.
Winfield Courier, June 28, 1877.
A Mr. McGuire, from Wisconsin, uncle of T. A. Wilkinson, visited Winfield this week.

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