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James Mann

Arkansas City Traveler, January 21, 1880.
Mr. Smith, who resides in the Centennial school district, reports that quite an excitement exists in that neighborhood, arising from Mr. James Mann being bitten by a rabid dog on Saturday last. Several head of stock were also bitten by the same dog. Mr. Mann is now en route to Paola in quest of that notorious mad stone, and God knows we hope his faith will make him whole.
Winfield Courier, June 15, 1882.
Dr. Wright has procured a mad-stone that has been successfully used in cases of Hydro-phobia. The stone is about an inch by an inch and a half, and was brought from Kentucky to this country by Mr. Mann. Mr. Wm. N. Day has had it in his care for some time and as above stated has now turned it over to Dr. Wright of this place, where it can be found by any and all persons who may have need of it. There have been three different persons from Douglass who have been bitten here to test its merits. The stone adhered to the wound on the man and one of the girls for several minutes. The other girl was bitten on the arm, but the skin was not broken, and so the stone refused to stick in this case. The dog that bit those persons bit some ten persons at and near Douglass last week. Burden Enterprise.


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