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S. S. Linn

                                                  Pleasant Valley Township.
[Note: Checked this man out inasmuch as papers sometimes got names spelled incorrectly. S. S. Linn was from Pleasant Valley Township. The other man (S. S. Lynn) appears to have engaged in handling sheep and was from Vernon Township. MAW]
Samuel S. Linn, 47; spouse, Caroline, 50.
                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
Winfield Courier, June 3, 1880.
Mr. S. S. Linn, who owns the Sheridan farm, called on us last Saturday with specimens of coal from a well he is drilling on his farm. The samples were from the depth of seventy feet, are chipped up fine by the drill, but are clear coal of a compact species more like anthracite than like the Osage coal. Mr. Linn is a thinking gentleman, whose views on the subject of coal beds and geological subjects are clear and consistent.
Mattie M. Linn...
Arkansas City Republican, June 21, 1884.
The County Normal Institute opened Monday with flattering prospects for a successful season. The enrollment is unusually large, and a real live interest is manifested in the work. It is conducted by Prof. B. T. Davis of the State Normal school, one of the best educators of the state, ably assisted by Prof. A. Gridley and County Superintendent Limerick. The Model Department, under the management of Miss Stretch, is a very attractive feature of this session. The arrangement of the work was for a session of eight weeks, but should the weather become hot, and the teachers wearied, the work may close at the end of the sixth week.
Following are the names of those in attendance.
Thornton Baker, Thos. W. Bowles, Lena Broadbent, Lizzie Campbell, Ira Crane, Winnie M. Emery, Delia Fogle, Cora Goodrich, Fannie Himelic, Lou Jarvis, Julia B. King, Ida Kuhn, Mattie M. Linn, Joseph M. Moore, Fanny Saunders, Codie A. Waite, Belle Berthram, Hettie Brown, Cora Bullen, Jennie Cochran, Alma Elliott, Lola Fogle, Lydia Gardner, Nannie Henson, Edith Holland, Ella Johnston, Viola Krow, F. A. Limbocker, Iola Moore, Eva Reynolds, Millie A. Taylor, Leon A. Waite, George Whitson.
Arkansas City Traveler, Wednesday, August 27, 1884.
Entitled to seats in the convention:
               Pleasant Valley: H. Harbaugh, S. S. Linn, D. S. Sherrard, A. H. Broadwell.
Mattie M. Linn...
Arkansas City Republican, August 23, 1884.
The following is a list of teachers granted certificates at the late examination.
                                                 Included in list: Mattie M. Linn.
Arkansas City Republican, Saturday, September 26, 1885.
Republican County Convention. The following were elected members of the County Central Committee for the ensuing year. Pleasant Valley: S. S. Linn.

Arkansas City Republican, May 29, 1886.
The Republican Central Committee of Cowley County met in Winfield to arrange for the coming nominating convention for county officers.
The following members were present: J. R. Sumpter, Gus Lorry, F. M. Vaughn, J. H. Curfman, J. S. Rash, Justice Fisher, E. R. Morse, J. L. Stewart, A. Hattery, S. S. Linn, L. B. Stone, H. F. Hornaday, E. Shriver, E. A. Henthorn, H. McKibben, Sid Cure, J. A. Gilkey, C. M. Leavitt, J. C. Long, H. C. McD’Orman.
Arkansas City Republican, Saturday, August 27, 1886. From Saturday’s Daily.
The Republican Central Committee of Cowley County met this afternoon in the city building, there being present Theo. Fairclo, L. E. Woodin, J. R. Sumpter, P. A. Lorry, F. M. Vaughn, S. H. Wells, J. H. Curfman, J. S. Rash, Justis Fisher, E. R. Morse, J. L. Stewart, A. Hattery, J. Stockdale, S. S. Linn, L. B. Stone, Dr. H. F. Hornaday, E. A. Henthorn, J. S. Gilkey, Hugh McKibben, H. O. Wooley, Sid Cure, S. M. Fall, and C. M. Levitt.


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