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On February 28, 1870, E. C. Manning had a special census made of Cowley County.  In it was listed John Stout, brother of George Stout, and the Koerber (Korber) family, A., B., L., Laura, M., Martha, and R.

Kansas 1875 Census, Silver Creek Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                     age sex color    Place/birth        Where from
Robert Korber 56  m     w      Brunswick?            Mississippi
[T/L?]. Korber 44  f       w      Sacksan??              Mississippi
B. Korber              18  f       w      Mississippi.       Mississippi
Mary Korber          16  f       w      Wisconsin               Wisconsin
Anavy? Korber      15  f       w      Wisconsin               Wisconsin
Tina Korber           12  f       w      Wisconsin               Wisconsin
M. Korber               6  f       w      Wisconsin               Wisconsin

[RKW initiated this file years ago. I have no idea what he was looking for when he started this file. MAW]
Items listed by RKW...
George Stout had his claim staked by his brother, John, in December of 1869, and he arrived in 1870.
George Stout married in Cowley County, Kansas, Mary Korber, who died January 22, 1888. She was born in Wisconsin, and reared in Leavenworth, Kansas. Her parents located on Timber Creek sometime previous to her husband’s arrival in that vicinity.
She left one son, George, Jr., who attended school in district 76 in 1901.

Silver Creek Township 1873: Robert Koerber, 54; spouse, Louise, 45.
Silver Creek Township 1874: Robert Korber, 58; spouse, L., 48.
Silver Creek Township 1876: Robert Korber, 56; spouse, Luesa, 45.
[The party working on “Koerber” or “Korber” had problems. Several varieties of his first name were given as well as his last name, sometimes written as Koesber or Korbour and thee was confusion of first name as sometimes “Robbert” was written.]
                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
I checked through 1878 and found nothing relative to Korber or Koerber. MAW


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