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J. W. Jolly

                                                 Blacksmith. Geuda Springs.
From Margaret Russell Stallard’s book, Remembering Geuda Springs.
Geuda Springs Area 1882-1883.
Township 34 S R 2E
J. W. Jolly, Geuda Springs, General Blacksmith. Settled in 1877. From Ohio.
Salt City Directory 1883.
J. W. Jolly, Blacksmith and horse shoeing. All kinds of repairing promptly attended to.
Only one more person named “Jolly” was found in the newspapers. His name was given as J. A. Jolly.
Winfield Directory 1885.
Jolly J A, laborer, res 918 e 7th.
NOTE: It is believed that J. W. Jolly of Geuda Springs resided in Sumner County.
                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
Joe Jolly, Geuda Springs...
Arkansas City Traveler, June 14, 1882.
GEUDA’S BOOM. The Coming Health Resort of the South West, Its Business and General Prospects.
Messrs. Ferguson & McIntire have a large and well stocked livery barn, and are doing a lively business, and immediately south of their stable will be found the blacksmith shop of Joe Jolly.
J. Jolly, from Indiana...
Winfield Courier, April 10, 1884.
We have been listening to the din of the carpenter’s hammer and watching new houses rise in every direction throughout the city until our curiosity to know just who were doing all this work knew no bounds. On Monday afternoon we mounted a mustang and made a tour of the city, ascertaining as far as possible as we went along, the names of those citizens who were building, improving generally, and spreading themselves in harmony with the bright aspect of everything around them. In riding over Winfield, especially at this season, when nature has begun to assume her robe of velvety green, you are struck with wonder at the number of really beautiful homes, and the wonder increases when you consider in what a short time all this has been done.
Dick Gates is just completing a $1,500 house in this neighborhood, while on east David Dicks has placed on the lots adjoining his home a neat tenant house. Just across the street, Mr. J. Jolly, who landed from Indiana two weeks ago, has purchased lots and has nearly completed a pretty four roomed cottage.


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