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William Jeffers

                                                         Beaver Township.
                                            [RKW started this file years ago.]
The only entry RKW had showed that the last name was “Jeffreys.” This is not correct. The Courier got the man’s name wrong! Instead of “Jeffreys,” the correct name is “Jeffers.”
Winfield Courier, August 28, 1879.
Mr. William Jeffreys [Jeffers], who lives in Beaver Township, came to this county in 1870 with only ten dollars.  He has now a good farm, 100 acres broken and improved, has a large forest of trees, a large fruit orchard, and many other valuable improvements, does not owe a cent, and has considerable money loaned out; and yet some say a man must have money to start with if he would succeed here.
Beaver Township 1873 does not show “Jeffreys.” Instead, it shows “Jeffers.”
Wm. Jeffers, 26; spouse, S. E., 21.
Beaver Township 1874 does not show “Jeffreys.” Instead, it shows “Jeffors.”
Wm. Jeffors, 28; spouse, Sarah, 21.
Beaver Township 1875 does not show “Jeffreys.” Instead, it shows “Jeffers.”
Wm. Jeffers, 30; spouse, Sarah, 24.
Kansas 1875 Census Beaver Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.
Name                     age sex color          Place/birth        Where from
Wm. Jeffers            30   m    w                   Ohio                       Illinois
Sarah Jeffers           22    f     w                        Illinois               Illinois
Cora Jeffers               2    f     w                        Kansas
Flora Jeffers           5m    f     w                   Kansas
                                      FROM THE NEWSPAPERS: JEFFERS.
I checked from the beginning of the newspapers to January 1883 and could not find any further entries on Wm. Jeffers of Beaver Township or elsewhere.
I corrected the lone newspaper item that was found. MAW


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