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Joseph S. HIll

                                          PLEASANT VALLEY TOWNSHIP.
Kansas 1875 Census Pleasant Valley Township, Cowley County, 3/1/1875.
Name                           age sex color          Place/birth Where from
Joseph Hill              41    m    w       Canada              Nebraska
Hill, J. S., 40. No spouse listed.
Hill, Joseph S., 43. No spouse listed.
Hill, Joseph S., 44. No spouse listed.
Hill, J. S., 46. No spouse listed.
Hill, Jas. S., 47. No spouse listed.
                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.
Joseph S. Hill, South Bend, Pleasant Valley township...
                                               THE WINFIELD COURIER.
                                                     CENTENNIAL ISSUE.
                         WINFIELD COURIER, THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1876.
                                               PATRONS OF HUSBANDRY.
April 28, 1873, Vernon, the first subordinate Grange, was organized; A. S. Williams, master. In November following Silverdale and Bolton Grange were organized. We have not been able to learn who were the first masters.
The following Granges were organized by J. L. Worden, deputy.
Feb. 12, 1874, South Bend, J. S. Hill, Secretary.

Winfield Courier, October 19, 1876.
DIED. October 12, 1876, of ___________, HENRY ZOLLER, in Pleasant Valley Township, Cowley County, Kansas.
The following resolutions were adopted by South Bend Grange at a meeting held Oct. 14, 1876.
WHEREAS, It has pleased Providence to remove from among us our esteemed brother, Henry Zoller, therefore be it
Resolved, That in this event we deplore the loss of a true patron and a good citizen and that we, the members of South Bend Grange, tender our sympathy to the bereaved family.
Resolved, That the members of South Bend Grange wear the usual badge and that the hall be draped in mourning for thirty days.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be placed on the record of the grange and one sent to the family of the deceased.
Winfield Courier, November 2, 1876.

The following are the nominations for the various offices in Pleasant Valley Township: For trustee, Henry Harbaugh; treasur­er, S. H. Tolles; clerk, C. J. Brane; justices of the peace, Henry Forbes and T. H. Henderson; constables, Samuel Waugh and Wm. Birdzell; road overseer, district No. 1, Frank Chapin, district No. 2, Jos. Hill, district No. 3, W. J. Keffer.
Arkansas City Traveler, March 7, 1877. Front Page.
                               PLEASANT VALLEY, KANS., February 26, 1877.
South Bend Grange has “broke ground” for a Grange hall on Granger Jo Hill’s farm near Posey Creek, he donating 2½ acres. Building, 24 x 28 x 10.
Winfield Courier, March 22, 1877.
The South Bend Grange is building a hall on Joseph Hill’s farm, one mile south of Posey Creek. They have it well underway. H. G. T.
Winfield Courier, November 1, 1877.
                                                               Fresh Lime.
I have for sale at the old Amos Smith lime kiln, about six miles south of town, a kiln of lime just burned. J. S. HILL.
Winfield Courier, September 12, 1878.
Mr. J. S. Hill is building a fine house south of Posey.
Arkansas City Traveler, November 12, 1879.
The following is the list of Jurors drawn to serve at the next term of court which convenes in Winfield, December 1st, 1879.
                                                 Joseph S. Hill, Pleasant Valley.
Joseph Hill, Hiram N. Hill...
Winfield Courier, May 20, 1880.
Married at the residence of Mr. Joseph Hill, May 12th, 1880, by Rev. J. Cairns, Mr. Hiram N. Hill and Miss Samantha Brown.
Joseph Hill’s place...
Arkansas City Traveler, August 4, 1880.
The Pleasant Valley Sunday school is preparing to take part in the Sunday school picnic and convention, to be held in Posey creek timber, near Joseph Hill’s place, on Friday next, August 6.
Winfield Courier, September 22, 1881.
The following is a list of old soldiers in Pleasant Valley township as far as taken.
                                            J. S. Hill, Co. 1, 7th Kansas, cavalry.
Winfield Courier, Thursday, October 6, 1881 - FRONT PAGE.
Below will be found the proceedings of township meetings, organizations, and muster rolls as far as heard from. The last week before the reunion we will publish the muster rolls
                                   J. S. HILL, CO. A, 7TH KANSAS CAVALRY.
Winfield Courier, February 9, 1882.

                                                 TOWNSHIP ELECTIONS.
Up to the time of going to press, we have heard from the following townships: In Pleasant Valley, J. S. Hill, Greenbacker, received 44 votes and was elected trustee over Z. B. Meyers, Republican. With this exception the straight Republican ticket was elected. In Walnut Township the straight Republicans carried the day by a large majority and J. C. Roberts is trustee for another year. Tom Blanchard and Joel Mack got all the votes cast. In Fairview the straight Republican ticket was elected, which makes Wm. White, trustee; J. H. Curfman, treasurer; and R. B. Corson, clerk. There was a tie between A. J. McCollum and B. Hanlan, for Justice, each receiving 18 votes. W. F. M. Lacey and N. E. Darling were elected constables.
Cowley County Courant, February 16, 1882.
The township election in Pleasant Valley resulted as fol­lows. For trustee, J. S. Hill received 44 votes; treasurer, Daniel Gramm, 42; clerk, Alfred Bookwalter, 40; justice of the peace, W. A. Ela, 41; justice of the peace, D. S. Sherrard, 39; constables, Adin Post, 42, and J. A. Miller, 37. The ticket elected was straight Republican with the exception of the office for trustee, the Greenbackers saving a brother out of the wreck.
Winfield Courier, March 9, 1882.
                                                       Assessor’s Meeting.
On Monday, March 6th, 1882, the assessors of Cowley County, Kansas, met at Winfield.
                                                     Pleasant Valley: J. S. Hill.
E. I. Johnson, J. S. Hill, and J. A. Irwin were chosen a committee on schedule of personal property assessments.
Real Estate committee reported the same basis as adopted two years ago. The basis is from $1.25 to $10.00 per acre, except lands adjacent to the different towns in the county and small tracts well improved, which are left to the discretion of the assessor. The report was adopted.
The personal property committee reported same basis as last year, which was adopted and is as follows.
Stallions and fast horses: $100 to $800.
First class work horses per span: $75 to $150.
Second class work horses per span: $60 to $100.
Third class work horses per span: $30 to $60.
Ponies and colts: $5 to $20.
Cattle 4 years old and upwards, including bulls: $25 to $40.
Same age, second grade: $15 to $25.
First grade, work cattle: $60 to $80.
Second grade, work cattle: $40 to $60.
Domestic cows, 1st grade: $20 to $30.
Domestic cows, 2nd grade: $10 to $20.
Three year old steers: $15 to $25.
Two year old steers and heifers: $8 tto $15.
Yearlings: $8 to $10.
Texas cattle 20 percent off.

Mules per span, 1st class: $200 to $250.
Mules per span, 2nd class: $75 to $200.
Mules per span, 3rd class: $30 to $75.
Asses: $10 to $200.
Sheep, 1st class: $2 to $10.
Sheep, 2nd class: Seventy-five cents to $2.00.
Hogs: $1 to $15.
Goats: $1.00 to $3.00.
Corn per bushel: Eight cents to twenty-five cents.
Wheat per bushel: Two and one-half cents to 50 cents.
Pork per hundred: Four cents.
                                    FARMING IMPLEMENTS—MACHINERY.
First-class threshers: 50 percent off.
First-class harvesters: 50 percent off.
First-class headers: 50 percent off.
First-class reapers & mowers combined, 40 percent off.
First-class wagons, carriages, 30 percent off.
All other machinery left to the discretion of the assessors.
Gold and silver watches, plate and jewelry, pianos and other musical instruments at their cash value.
By “first class” in either of the above named kinds of stock is meant such as would be considered generally throughout the state as first-class. WM. WHITE, Chairman.
E. I. Johnson, Secretary.
Winfield Courier, May 11, 1882.
                                            PLEASANT VALLEY JOTTINGS.
Miss Pickering enjoys the honor of presiding over the first school taught in the Walton schoolhouse, which, by the way, is a very comfortable, neat and attractive building, and a credit to the enterprise of the district.
The past week Doff Holcomb has been afforded the opportunity of making comparisons of the estimated wealth of our farmers by assisting Joe Hill in completing the assessment of the township. Doff, besides being a good penman, possesses more than ordinary mathematical ability, sound judgment, clear perception, and neatness and accuracy as a bookkeeper, qualities indispensable to an efficient public officer, and should not be overlooked by our voters in the choice of our next assessor.
Winfield Courier, May 11, 1882.
Trustee Joseph S. Hill has returned the assessment rolls of Pleasant Valley Township and they are among the neatest we have seen. The report shows 3,383 acres of winter wheat this year, and 6,355 acres of corn. The township has 12,380 bushels of old corn on hand. The population is 631, a gain of 43 over last year.
Cowley County Courant, June 22, 1882.

DIED. Again we are called upon to record a distressing accident, with fatal result. Mr. L. F. Wellman, of Pleasant Valley, was driving to this city about 11 o’clock Wednesday, and just as he drove over the railroad crossing just beyond the south bridge, the wagon tongue became detached. The wagon ran uncon­trollable to one side of the road, and with a sudden lurch, threw Mr. Wellman out upon his head and shoulders, breaking his neck. His two daughters, aged respectively twelve and sixteen years, were with him when the accident happened. Mr. Wellman was probably about fifty years of age and was rather helpless and clumsy in his movements. The Coroner, Dr. Wells, was notified, but after viewing the remains and the scene of the accident, didn’t deem it necessary to hold an inquest. We understand that the unfortunate man was in poor circumstances, and leaves a wife and quite a family of children. Mr. Joseph Hill, Trustee of that township, has taken charge of the remains and will see that they have decent burial.
Winfield Courier, February 21, 1884.
                     Office of the County Clerk, Winfield, Kansas, February 12th, 1884.
BOARD met in regular session agreeable to adjournment of January 16, 1884. Present: S. C. Smith (Chairman), Amos Walton, Commissioner, County Attorney, and J. S. Hunt, County Clerk.
Among other proceedings the following claims were allowed the Judges and Clerks of the February 5th 1884 election...paid from $2.00 to $6.00.
                                           PLEASANT VALLEY TOWNSHIP.
Judges: L. Holcomb, S. Johnson, S. G. Martin.
Clerks: J. S. Hill, D. W. Holcomb.
Winfield Courier, July 10, 1884.
Mr. J. S. Hill, of Pleasant Valley, will leave soon for a two month’s visit in Canada. His wheat is all secure, his corn “laid by,”  and he is in good shape for a little recreation.
Winfield Courier, Thursday, February 12, 1885.
Joseph S. Hill made administrator of estate of J. H. Boggs, deceased. Hackney & Asp, Attorneys for Administrator.
                                                    SOUTH BEND. “G. V.”
Winfield Courier, Thursday, May 21, 1885.
S. S. picnic at Joe Hill’s grove, Thursday, May 28th. Let all attend.
Winfield Courier, Thursday, September 24, 1885.
The many friends of James Scott, who formerly resided on Posey Creek, will regret to learn that he has answered the last roll call between here and eternity. He lived here several years, with his cousin, Joe Hill, but later married and went to Washington territory, where he leaves a wife and two children to mourn his departure to the veiled unknown.


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