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Hayworth Family

                          H., W. H., M. B., Dillon, Harmon, B. L., etc., Hayworth.
File made by RKW years ago...
On the 9th day of January, 1870, a party of fifteen men under the lead of Thomas Coats took claims along the Grouse valley. Their names were John Coats, Wm. Coats, Joseph Reynolds, Gilbert Branson, Henry Branson, Newton Phenis, I. H. Phenis, H. Hayworth, L. B. Bullington, J. T. Raybell, D. T. Walters, S. S. Severson, John Nicholls, and C. J. Phenis.
The February 10, 1870, special census of Cowley County lists W. H. Hayworth.
January 11, 1871. Mr. M. B. Hayworth, age 22, married Mary Messenger, age 20.
March 30, 1876 - Courier -DIED. Dillon Hayworth, of Dexter, died on the 17th. Deceased was buried with Masonic honors on the 18th.
Harmon Hayworth was 60, and his wife Hester was 58, when the Windsor Township Census was taken in 1873. John Hayworth was 28 and W. H. Hayworth was 26 in the same census.
B. L. Hayworth was 31, and his wife Bertha J. was 20, when the Winfield census was taken in 1878.
D. Hayworth was 58, and his wife Nancy was 53, when the Dexter twp. census was taken in 1874.
J. B. Hayworth was 28, and his wife R. E. was 21, when the Dexter twp. census was taken in 1874.
M. P. Hayworth was 33, and his wife M. Haworth was 30, when the Omnia twp. census was made in 1882. (Note the different spellings of the last name.)
                 (See the story in “ABLEADER\AC\” entitled Mary Messenger Haworth.)

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