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Dwyer Family


DWYER FAMILY. In the spring of 1870 the Dwyer family, consisting of Mrs. Mary Dwyer, her daughter, Lottie, and three sons, W. E. (Eber), J. C. ( Calvin), and George Dwyer, located on Grouse Creek in the vicinity of Lazette. They had migrated from Missouri in 1860 and had been residents of Paola, Kansas, for ten years. The old log house built in 1870, which was their first home in Cowley County, stood as a landmark for many years.
The Dwyer family occupied a leading place in the pioneer life of their community. The sons engaged in farming and held positions of honor and trust among their associates. They were members of the Church of Christ and were instrumental in advancing its teachings in the county. J. C. Dwyer was an Elder in the church and one of the earliest preachers in that locality.
Lottie Dwyer, daughter of Mrs. Mary Dwyer, married William Sipe.
George Dwyer was a resident of Windsor Township for more than sixty-five years and his life was one of usefulness and benefit to the community. He contributed of his time and ability to various enterprises for the building of the county. Mr. Dwyer remembered attending the first Fourth of July Celebration of Cowley County held in Winfield in 1870. In 1877 Mr. George Dwyer married Miss China V. Baldwin (1859-1935), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Baldwin, early pioneers of the county. George and China Dwyer were the parents of eight children: William, deceased; Edd O., Lottie (Mrs. J. C. Jackson, deceased 1905); John; Morten; Weaver; Archie; and Otis.


                                                HARVEY DWYER FAMILY.
Arkansas City Traveler, January 31, 1877.
Died. On Thursday, January 25, 1877, of dropsy, Mrs. Dwyer, aged 52 years, wife of Harvey Dwyer, of Beaver Township. The deceased lady was a much respected and earnest Christian. The funeral took place on Friday, the 26th.
Arkansas City Traveler, March 21, 1877.
Mr. Harvey Dwyer has sold his farm and is going to California. Mr. B. F. Nesmite will accompany him. W. S. Hunt, of this place, also expects to start in a few weeks.
Arkansas City Traveler, October 31, 1877.
Mr. Harvey Dwyer, formerly of Beaver, has returned from Nevada Territory. He intends to stay this time.
Arkansas City Traveler, October 31, 1877.
Returned. Harvey Dwyer abandoned his trip to California when he reached Nevada and has returned again to Cowley County. He concluded he was leaving a good country for a poorer one, and wisely came back. Mr. Nesmite, who accompanied him, bought a tract of land in Nevada. Wait a year or so and you will see him poking back.


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