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File set up by RKW.
Kansas 1875 Census, Silver Creek Township, Cowley County, 3/1/1875.
Name   age sex color Place/birth Where from
William Daggett      54  m   w   Massachus.      Illinois
[I or J?]. E. Daggett      23  f     w   Massachus.      Illinois
William Daggett      18  m   w   Illinois   Illinois
George Daggett      15  m   w   Illinois   Illinois
Charley Daggett      12  m   w   Illinois   Illinois
The Richland Township of 1872 lists; Tom Daggett age 48 and his wife Ida E. Age 22.
The Silver Creek Township census of 1873 lists; William Daggett, age 49.
The Silver Creek Township census of 1874 lists; Ida age 24, Rebeckah age 22, Minerva age 40, William 4th age 50, William age 53.
The Silver Creek Township census of 1876 lists; William Daggett, age 52, and his wife Manurva, age 40.
The Silver Creek Township census of 1879 lists; William 4th Daggett, age 55, and his wife, M. Daggett, age 45, and William H. Daggett, age 22.
The Silver Creek Township census of 1881 lists; William Daggett, age 24, and George Daggett, age 21.
COURIER, JUNE 26, 1874.
Ida E. Daggett, teacher at the Floral school, sent the COURIER force two splendid cakes in the name of the Floral school.
COURIER, AUGUST 28, 1874. Married.
SPHAR - DAGGETT. At the residence of Mr. William Daggett, in this county, by Robert Thirsk, J. P., on the 20th last, Mr. L. J. Sphar, to Miss Rebecca D. Daggett.
BROWN - DAGGETT. At the residence of L. J. Spahr's, Timber creek, Dec. 29th, 1875, by R. Thursk, Esq., Mr. Lafayette Brown, formerly of Olathe, Kas., and Miss Ida E. Daggett, formerly of Cordona, Illinois.
After partaking of refreshments the happy couple started for their future home near New Salem, Kansas, amid the hearty con­gratulations of their many friends and relatives.
COURIER, JANUARY 31, 1878. FROM BALTIMORE. The mud still continues in Omnia and the roads are in a worse condition than ever known in this part.
Last Tuesday Messrs. George Daggett, Lit Spharr, and John and Ben Stout started to Wichita with hogs. Daggett and Spharr got as far as the Little Walnut and the Stout boys as far as Douglas, where they were obliged to unload and come back, leaving their hogs to be taken care of until such time as the roads would permit to move them.
Courier, DECEMBER 30, 1880. The Rev. J. A. Hyden invited to dinner on Tuesday last all the old men in the vicnity. Quite a gay party met and did full justice to the magnificent tables loaded down with turkeys, hams, cakes, pies, coffee, and the many et ceteras, got up in the best order and with the best taste. Leland Daggett, born in Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, Nov. 12, 1808; lived in New York state five years, in Illinois 36 years, and in Missouri 6 years, and came to this county in 1870.
COURANT, JUNE 15, 1882. Richland Township.
QUEEN VILLAGE, May 26, 1882.

A meeting was called at the Queen Village school house for the purpose of making arrangements for holding an Anti-monopoly rally was called to order by W. L. Cottingham.
Mr. Wm. Daggett was chosen chairman and W. L. Heineken secretary.
The rest of the story is told in the book “Cowley County Heritage” written by Merle Daggett. He is the last Daggett in the county. The early family is buried in the Wilmot cemetery.


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