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Coats Family

                                           [Thomas, John, and William Coats.]

The Courier of 10/15/1874 reports Grandmother Coats died last week.  She was over 80 years old. She was interred in Lazette cemetery.
January 6, 1876 - Courier - On the 9th day of January, 1870, a party of fifteen men under the lead of Thomas Coats took claims along the Grouse valley.  Their names were John Coats, Wm. Coats, Joseph Reynolds, Gilbert Branson, Henry Branson, Newton Phenis, I. H. Phenis, H. Hayworth, L. B. Bullington, J. T. Raybell, D. T. Walters, S. S. Severson, John Nicholls, and C. J. Phenis.

The February 10, 1870, special census of Cowley County lists John and William Coats.  There were 17 other Coats listed.  They are A., Augustan, Charlotte, E. M., Hufsie, I. H., Irena, J. C., Litt, Lucinda, M. C., Mary, Minda, Ruth, Sarah, W. E., and W. O.
Tom W. Coats was in Dexter township in 1876.
COURIER, APRIL 13, 1876. - THOMAS COATS has sold out and gone to Sumner County.
T. J. Coats was 39, and his wife A. A. was 38, when census was taken in Windsor township in 1873.  Only T. J. and his wife were there in 1874 and 1876.  T. J. was listed as age 42 in the census of Windsor township in 1878. His wife was not listed.

F. J. Coats was listed as age 43 in the Windsor twp. Census of 1879, and again without a wife.

William Coats was 37, and his wife Mary was 35, when census was taken in Windsor township in 1873.   

P. L. Coats shows up in the 1879 Windsor twp. Census of 1879, without a wife.

John H. Coats was 48, and his wife Mary was 44, in the Dexter twp. Census of 1874.

L. W. Coats was 42, and his wife Erna was 40, in the Dexter twp. Census of 1874.

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