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Brock Family

From the Winfield Courier of April 15, 1945. “Old residents know Miss Mary Jane Brock for she was one of the dressmakers of the nineties. She sewed in the best homes in Winfield in the days when dressmaking was a difficult art. At the age of five Miss Brock came with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Brock to Cowley County in 1872. They took a claim 12 miles east of Winfield, just a mile or two east of Tisdale, then a promising young town. The Brocks came from Garrand County,Kentucky, and they spent the remainder of their lives here. They reared a family of five children, Mary Jane being the eldest. The Civil war had impoverished them, along with others in that border state, so they decided to come to Kansas. About all the hardships endured by the pioneers came to them but they were thrifty and carried on, living to see their prairie land become a good farm and their home change from a rude stone cabin to a comfortable farm house.”
(NOTE - see story about the beginning of the Cowley County Historical Society.)
The Sheridan township census of 1873 lists George W. Brock, age 30, and his wife Lidia (S. A.), age 27.
The Windsor township census of 1873 lists H. L. Brock, age 48, and his wife Lutitia, age 43. It also lists R. H. Brock, age 24, and his wife L. E., age 24.
The Harvey township census of 1875 lists Holland Brock, age 49, and his wife Letitia, age 45. It also lists John Brock, age 21, and his wife Sarah, age 26. It also lists Richard Brock, age 26, and his wife Mary, age 22.
H. L. Brock recently lost a valuable horse by blind staggers.
Courier, April 1, 1879. Dismissed. Wm. Brock vs. T. J. Harris, et. al. Settled.
WINFIELD MONTHLY HERALD, APRIL, 1891. MARRIED. G. A. Cales and Miss M. D. Brock, of Burden, were united in marriage March 18th, 1891.
WINFIELD MONTHLY HERALD - MARCH, 1882. Members of the First Baptist Church in Winfield. Mollie Brock, by baptism, Annie Brock, by baptism.

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