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M. C. Baker

Arkansas City Republican, October 2, 1886.
M. C. Baker, of Cincinnati, Ohio, is in the city. He is an old time friend of Will S. Thompson. They used to tent out at night on the Sand Hill when there were but three houses. His surprise at the growth of the town can better be imagined than told.
Arkansas City Republican, October 9, 1886.
M. C. Baker and wife, who have been visiting old friends in the city, returned home. Mr. Baker was here when letters came directed to the mouth of the Walnut River via Douglas and it was carried through in a two bushel sack on mule back. Capt.  Norton was postmaster then. The mail-carrier sounded his coming by the tooting of a horn. As he came along the people hailed him and asked for their mail. The carrier would stop, go down in his two bushel sack, and give them their mail. This was about 15 years ago. Today we have all the mail facilities possible and we are proud to say that it was given us by and under a Republican administration.


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