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Geo. Andrews, Alias "Reedy"

Winfield Courier, December 18, 1884.
George Andrews was lodged in the county bastille Monday charged with stealing the ponies of a Noble Red Man in the Territory.
Arkansas City Republican, December 20, 1884.
Geo. Andrews, alias “Reddy,” was arrested last Saturday evening by Capt. Rarick, for stealing two horses from the Osage reservation. Capt. found him asleep at his boarding house and without disturbing his slumbers, slipped a beautiful pair of steel bracelets on his wrists. “Reddy” was considerably surprised when awakened. He was taken before Judge Bonsall and bound over in the sum of $1,000 to appear at the U. S. Court at Wichita. He failed to give bond and Capt. took him up to the county jail.
[Note: Putting down entirely the next two items relative to outlaws inasmuch as the Republican shows “Rosefelt and Grimes” while the Traveler shows “Rosebell and Green” as two of the listed outlaws. Winfield Courier failed to print names. This was typical of newspaper items at this time. MAW]
Arkansas City Republican, January 24, 1885.
The following penalties were passed last week by the United States court at Wichita on the persons arrested by Capt. Rarick in the Territory.
Andrew Grimes: horse stealing, one year imprisonment.
Chas. Elwood, cattle stealing, one year.
Theo. Rosefelt, larceny and burglary, one year and fine of $1,000.
Geo. Andrews, horse stealing, one year.
Their crimes were all done in the Territory.
Arkansas City Traveler, January 28, 1885.
A Good Record. Capt. Rarick still keeps in the front rank as an officer of the law. In his capacity of Deputy U. S. Marshal he made four arrests in the Territory and in each case secured a conviction at the term of court held at Wichita two weeks since. The following are the names of the criminals, for what arrested, and sentence passed.
Charley Elwood, stealing cattle of Drury Warren, one year in the penitentiary.
Theo. Rosebell, burglary and larceny in the Territory, fined $1,000, and one year in the penitentiary.
Andrew Green, for horse stealing at Sac and Fox Agency, sentenced to one year in the penitentiary.
Geo. Andrews, for horse stealing at Osage Agency; will spend one year in the penitentiary.
These four were the only criminal convictions secured at this term of court.


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